Case Studies

Crane Building Review

The Project

This Crane Building Review was conducted under a Ministry of Labour Order in 2013.

The original building was designed for one (1) 40 Ton/10 Ton aux bridge crane in the 1970s. An 8 Ton and a 10 Ton crane were added when the building occupants changed. Then two (2) 2 Ton x 24′ and two (2) 2 Ton x 30′ wall mounted jib cranes were added.

The concern was whether the building could safely support the additional load from the additional cranes. When Paul Ransom Engineering was contracted to conduct a review, no structural drawings were available for building. There was limited or no documentation for the “used” cranes and jibs that were installed.

Our response

  • All structural steel and cranes were documented by a site survey.
  • Structural reinforcements were designed and installed.
  • Operating conditions and limits were developed.
  • Limit controls were also installed by the crane contractor to ensure operating restrictions were followed.


Buildings not operating or in use according to their original intent can be a dangerous environment when demands on the structure change. Our response was to better document the status of the building and remediate the structure for its current use, improving the safety of the work environment and closing the compliance order for the employer.