Case Studies

Design Collaboration – Hangar Doors

The Project

A new hangar for next generation wide-body aircraft required a 149 m x 21.3 m (490′ x 70′) door with variable tail aperture. The specialized nature of this 6-panel door attracted international suppliers. Airports are federally regulated properties in Canada which places design and construction outside the normal Provincial and municipal building code regulatory requirements. Paul Ransom Engineering was engaged to collaborate with the U.S. manufacturer’s structural design engineer to ensure design validation and compliance to Canadian codes and standards.

Our response

We coordinated structural modeling in design, analysis and documentation to ensure that concepts were current, analysis was compliant and results were carried through to manufacturing. Following this oversight, we accepted professional responsibility for the design and project submittal documents. This process was accepted by the airport authority, building owner and project consultants.


A new world-class service hangar has a door system design that was accepted to provide decades of service to protect the owner’s mobile inventory investments.