Paul Ransom, P.Eng.

Paul Ransom, P.Eng. has operated as an engineering consultant for specialty structural work since 1992. Graduating in Civil Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada in 1989, Paul’s chosen field of specialization is Structural Design with an emphasis on Building Sciences.

Paul Ransom’s fourteen years of experience prior to 1989 includes:

  • civil works construction (Ontario 400 series highways, municipal services)
  • technical support to engineering consultants
  • manufacturing plant process and layout design
  • mining operations

After graduating, Paul held progressive positions with Canadian Building Systems, Inc. and Butler Buildings (Canada): Product R&D Engineer (cold formed products), Project Engineer and Manager for International Projects (primarily, states of the former Soviet Union).

Subsequently, as a technical advisor to a Canadian based dealer for Robertson (Star) Building Systems, Paul assisted with sales, technology and co-ordination for several proposals and projects in China (Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin).

Paul served as Manager of Engineering at the Mississauga office for the Sun Building Systems division of Canam Steel during Sun’s operations in Ontario. Several significant projects were completed under his professional supervision.

Paul has been involved in engineering design and co-ordination for various industrial and building contracts for manufacturers, consultants, contractors, owners and industry associations (e.g. CSSBI):

  • projects in all Canadian provinces, territories and many U.S. states
  • over 250 low-rise buildings from compressor sheds to aircraft hangars
  • specialty work within the scope of CSA S16 and CSA S136 – rigid frame and frameless buildings
  • industrial structures including pipe racks, platforms and pre-assembled modules
  • manufacturing facilities including mezzanine, multi-level roof and crane structures
  • heavy works at Hamilton, Ontario steel manufacturing facilities
  • construction means and methods for civil contractors and steel erectors
  • work-place fall arrest systems
  • site observation for construction as required by Building Code
  • Ontario MMAH Legal and Structural BCIN Registrations (now obsolete)
  • co-ordination between multi-discipline consultants, architects and design/manufacturing

Paul provides expert guidance as a member of the Technical Committee for the CSA Standard A660 Certification of Manufacturers of Steel Building Systems. This standard is referenced in current versions of CSA S16 Limit States Design of Steel Structures and the National Building Code of Canada and derived provincial building codes.



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