FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Steel Building System (SBS) is the term currently preferred by the Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute (CSSBI) which is the industry association for manufacturer designed steel framed buildings in Canada. The industry has evolved with computer design capabilities. There is very little about a building that is pre-engineered in the same way that it was in the early days of the building form.

The certificate – sometimes called the CSSBI certificate or the A660 certificate – is a requirement in CAN/CSA A660 Certification of Manufacturers of Steel Building Systems. The National Building Code of Canada and the Provincial Building Codes require that manufacturers of Steel Building Systems be certified in accordance with CAN/CSA A660. The certificate must be signed and sealed by the manufacturer’s engineer and submitted as part of the permit documents. Paul Ransom ’s metal building suppliers are A660 certified.

Many provinces and jurisdictions require that, as part of the Permit submission, the owner must prove that they have engaged a Professional Architect and/or Engineer to ensure that the project is built according to the Permit set of drawings. This is not for quality control purposes and usually consists of occasional site observations to ensure that construction is in general conformance. This commitment can be made by any engineer qualified to perform the work and may already be covered by the owner’s construction inspection firm. Generally, manufacturers do not send personnel to a site. Paul Ransom Engineering is qualified to sign the forms and perform the site observations.

Absolutely. In addition to complying with the requirements of many major clients it is just good business to ensure that all commercial dealings are open and honest. The potential costs (e.g. compensation, reputation and future revenue loss), can significantly outweigh any short-sighted gains. Also, Paul Ransom Engineering is committed to the professional standards required by engineering licensing and industry associations.

Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) is a procurement procedure whereby the capabilities of a proponent are assessed before price. This procurement method is increasingly required by government and private sector buyers. QBS leads to reduced project and life-cycle costs. Even if your customer has not implemented QBS, it is always beneficial to your project to apply QBS in selection of the designers/suppliers in a steel building project.


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